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Bloody Mary

The story of our perfect Bloody Mary

Introducing "Dude Wow Cocktail Mix" - The Ultimate Bloody Mary Experience Are you craving the perfect Bloody Mary? Look no further! Avanu on Flagler is proud to introduce our exclusive Bloody Mary mix supplier, Dude Wow Cocktail Mix. We're excited to share their incredible story and bring you the perfect blend of flavor and tradition in every sip of our signature Bloody Mary. The Journey to the Perfect Bloody Mary It all started with a realization that our palates change as we age. In his early 30s, Brandon, the Chief Mixer at Dude Wow Cocktail Mix, discovered a newfound appreciation for Bloody Marys. Store-bought versions just weren't cutting it, so he embarked on a quest to create the ultimate blend. After countless hours spent experimenting with various recipes, Brandon struck gold - a unique, versatile, and flavorful concoction that stayed true to the spirit of a classic Bloody Mary. Word of mouth spread quickly, and friends in the food and beverage industry couldn't get enough, urging Brandon to bring his creation to the masses. From Hobby to Business As the world faced unprecedented challenges in March 2020, Brandon found himself at home, rekindling his passion for crafting his special Bloody Mary mix. The enthusiasm from friends and restaurateurs was undeniable, and thus, Dude Wow Cocktail Mix was born. The Official Drink of Brunch Today, we're thrilled to partner with Dude Wow Cocktail Mix to serve you the ultimate Bloody Mary experience. Their mix is more than just a delicious beverage; it's an invitation to sit back, relax, and enjoy life's moments with friends and loved ones. So, join us at Avanu on Flagler and let your taste buds be amazed by the flavors of Dude Wow Cocktail Mix. One sip and you'll be exclaiming, "Dude, WOW!" Meet the Team Brandon - Chief Mixer: The mastermind behind the incredible taste of Dude Wow Cocktail Mix, he's dedicated to sharing his passion with the world. Norman - Head Dog: The loyal and lovable four-legged companion who adds a touch of canine charm to the Dude Wow Cocktail Mix team. Ready to try the best Bloody Mary mix you've ever tasted? Visit us at Avanu on Flagler and discover for yourself why Dude Wow Cocktail Mix is the ultimate brunch companion. Cheers!

Bloody Mary
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